Treatment Approach

Why Soulful Psychotherapy?

A soulful life is one that is grounded in a deep sense of meaning. This existence is open, embodied, and balanced. In my psychotherapy practice, we explore ways to find deeper meaning and create soulful space within life’s peaks and valleys, joys and struggles. After all, we cannot control what life throws our way, but we can find meaningful ways to respond.

The work:

Many clients enter therapy because something inside them is asking to be heard. Often a part of themselves has been lost, forgotten, or shut out. To attend to this voice, we must turn inward.

Inner work often takes us into uncharted territory. Sometimes the landscape is dark and frightening, but hope dwells even in these scary, painful, or uncomfortable places. By turning inward and listening carefully, we find meaningful ways to respond to the parts of ourselves that are suffering and make significant changes in the outer world. This is how our fragmented selves become whole again. This is how healing happens, and it is my privilege to be part of it.

Through my own inner work, study, and my work with others, I have become comfortable delving into the depths. I am able to walk with my clients into the dark unknown, helping them find their way toward transformation while staying grounded in themselves.