Treatment Approach

Why Soulful Psychotherapy?

A soulful life is one that is grounded in a deep sense of meaning. This existence is open, embodied, and balanced. In my psychotherapy practice, we explore ways to find deeper meaning and create soulful space within life’s peaks and valleys, joys, and struggles. After all, we cannot control what life throws our way, but we can find meaningful ways to respond.

Individual work:

Many of us enter therapy because something inside is asking to be heard. Often parts of us have been lost, forgotten, or shut out. Depression, anxiety, compulsions, relationship problems, disturbing dreams, or other symptoms can alert us to this inner reality. Through careful listening and courageous exploration, we can find new ways of relating to these wounded parts and discover avenues toward healing and wholeness.

Relationship work:

In my work with couples and families, my focus is on the relational system rather than on individual people. By observing problematic relational patterns in session, the clients and I collaborate to find new ways of responding to one another so that the system can function in a healthier, more sustainable way.